CAT-040 CA eHealth r6 Administrator Exam

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Question 1

Which variable controls SNMP Get Requests sent to a particular device during a poll?


Answer : C

Question 2

You want to monitor Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs) on your network. Which CA eHealth
technology module do you use?

  • A. VOIP
  • B. Probes
  • C. Systems
  • D. LAN/WAN

Answer : D

Question 3

You open the discover log file and notice that duplicate element names are included in the
Duplicate Analysis section. If you choose not to resolve them at this time, which suffixes
will appear for duplicate elements?

  • A. -0 and -1
  • B. -A and -B
  • C. -x and -xx
  • D. (1) and (2)

Answer : B

Question 4

You are installing CA eHealth on a UNIX platform but receive errors associated with Kernel
parameters. Which file do you check to investigate the errors?

  • A. /etc/system
  • B. /var/tmp/.flexlm
  • C. /etc/nh.install.cfg
  • D. /etc/init.d/

Answer : A

Question 5

If ping is disabled, how is device Reachability measured?

  • A. By SNMP
  • B. By timeout
  • C. By delta time
  • D. By HTTP request

Answer : A

Question 6

Which feature enables you to create the Layout Configuration File (LCF)?

  • A. Sizing Wizard
  • B. Output Wizard
  • C. Properties dialog
  • D. Capabilities dialog

Answer : A

Question 7

You want to change delivery options without changing the underlying specification of a
report. To do this, in Report Center, create a:

  • A. Report View.
  • B. Report Copy.
  • C. Report Shortcut.
  • D. Query Studio duplicate report.

Answer : A

Question 8

Which benefit results from rolling up data?

  • A. Rolled-up data can be retained indefinitely.
  • B. Data is consolidated to reduce database size.
  • C. Occasional spikes and dips in gauge data are retained.
  • D. Averaged rolled-up data values provide a better representation of performance.

Answer : B

Question 9

You are troubleshooting after a CA eHealth system crash. You want to reset the eHealth
server and also force a restart of the Oracle database server. In Microsoft Windows, in a
command prompt window, which command should you type?

  • A. nhReset -db
  • B. nhServerReset
  • C. nhResetServer
  • D. nhReset -server

Answer : A

Question 10

Which poller device collects information from network probes?

  • A. Fast Poller
  • B. Import Poller
  • C. Statistics Poller
  • D. Conversation Poller

Answer : D

Question 11

The latest version of CA eHealth supports IPv6. Which statements about CA eHealth IPv6
support are TRUE? (Choose two)

  • A. All the basic behavior of CA eHealth supports IPv6.
  • B. Systems running in a CA eHealth cluster must only have IPv6 addresses.
  • C. The network that CA eHealth resides on must be capable of routing both IPv4 and IPv6 addressed packets.
  • D. The notifier still only sends traps using the SNMPvl form, even when agent addresses are of the IPv6 family type.

Answer : A,C

Question 12

Which discover variable is used to indicate where to truncate the DNS Name?


Answer : A

Question 13

Which statement about the Report Center is TRUE?

  • A. It connects to the content store using XML and SOAP.
  • B. It is the standard interface to the custom reporting mechanism.
  • C. In a distributed CA eHealth environment, Report Center aggregates and shares data and reports between the different distributed systems.
  • D. In a distributed CA eHealth environment, Report Center is also distributed and does not need to be installed on each distributed system (back-end).

Answer : B

Question 14

After some recent changes to permissions, Report Administrator, Sue White, discovers that
she can no longer run Report Studio. Which CA eHealth administrator role can grant Sue
permission to run Report Studio?

  • A. Author
  • B. Query User
  • C. Server Administrator
  • D. Directory Administrator

Answer : D

Question 15

Recently, you have noticed that CA eHealth reporting seems to be inaccurate or
incomplete. Furthermore, performance appears to be poorer than usual. Your colleague,
Sue White, believes the issue relates to bad polling and suggests that you review discovery
files and the relevant log files. To specifically address polling issues, what do you need to
look for? (Choose three)

  • A. Incorrect Umask settings
  • B. Error messages in the poller log files
  • C. Unexpected characters used in directory naming
  • D. New devices that might need to be manually added to the poller configuration
  • E. Elements that have changed based on change management, replaced hardware, or a new system identity

Answer : A,B,C

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