CAT-080 CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager r9 Administrator Exam

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Question 1

In your distributed SpectroSERVER environment, you want to achieve cross-landscape
fault isolation in a distributed SpectroSERVER without having duplicate alarms. Which
feature enables you to achieve this?

  • A. Install tickets
  • B. Proxy models
  • C. Alarm Notifications
  • D. SystemEDGE agents

Answer : D

Question 2

In the CA Spectrum architecture, which component is responsible for processing traps and
creating events?

  • A. SpectroSERVER
  • B. OneClick Server
  • C. Archive Manager
  • D. OneClick Console

Answer : A

Question 3

In the Component Detail pane of the OneClick Console, which tab displays CPU and
memory usage about a device?

  • A. System
  • B. Attributes
  • C. Information
  • D. Performance

Answer : D

Question 4

When you configure Discovery, by default, the destination container is the:

  • A. Flat container
  • B. LAN container
  • C. Grid container.
  • D. Universe container.

Answer : D

Question 5

In CA Spectrum, a pingable model type:

  • A. Is regarded as significant by default.
  • B. Is used to model generic SNMP devices.
  • C. Communicates using Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).
  • D. Provides the most extensive management functionality of all model types.

Answer : C

Question 6

CA Spectrum supports the SNMPv3 standard for the encryption of messages. Which
encryption algorithms for privacy does CA Spectrum support? (Choose three)

  • A. Triple DES (3DES)
  • B. Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA)
  • C. Data Encryption Standard (DES)
  • D. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • E. International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)

Answer : A,C,D

Question 7

CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager is part of the CA Enterprise Systems Management
(ESM) solution. Which key feature does CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager bring to this

  • A. Root cause analysis
  • B. Access control of sites and servers
  • C. End-to-end visibility of critical transactions
  • D. Historic performance analysis and trending

Answer : A

Question 8

Which statement about Trap Director is TRUE?

  • A. Trap Director is enabled by default.
  • B. Trap Director cache entries are removed after eight hours by default.
  • C. Trap Director enables you to maximize the number of SpectroSERVER trap destinations configured on your managed devices.
  • D. Trap Director enables you to expand your network management across multiple SpectroSERVERs without having to go back and update trap destination information on each network device.

Answer : B

Question 9

You need a hierarchical view of landscapes, containers, OneClick applications, and device
models. To obtain this, in the Navigation pane of the OneClick Console, click the:

  • A. Alarms tab
  • B. Locater tab
  • C. Explorer tab
  • D. Topology tab

Answer : C

Question 10

AlarmNotifier is a CA Spectrum application that alerts users to network problems. What do
you configure to start AlarmNotifier automatically?

  • A. cmdC
  • B. installrc
  • C. processd
  • D. SSdbsave

Answer : C

Question 11

Use the Attribute Editor to:

  • A. Specify attributes that users will inherit.
  • B. Modify the SpectroSERVER modeling catalog.
  • C. Configure relations, object-classes, and their contents.
  • D. Perform bulk attribute changes on multiple devices and models.

Answer : D

Question 12

In a distributed SpectroSERVER environment that spans multiple time zones, Discovery
schedules are executed according to:

  • A. The local time of each OneClick Server.
  • B. The local time of each SpectroSERVER.
  • C. The local time of the central service provider.
  • D. The local time of the master SpectroSERVER.

Answer : B

Question 13

How often should you back up the Distributed Data Manager (DDM) database?

  • A. Daily
  • B. Hourly
  • C. Weekly
  • D. Monthly

Answer : A

Question 14

Which tab displays the models that are affected by a fault?

  • A. Events
  • B. Impact
  • C. Root Cause
  • D. Information

Answer : B

Question 15

In the fault-tolerant SpectroSERVER architecture, where should the only instance of the
Archive Manager run?

  • A. On the OneClick Server
  • B. On the primary SpectroSERVER
  • C. On the secondary SpectroSERVER
  • D. On the tertiary SpectroSERVER

Answer : D

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