CPIM-ECO Execution and Control of Operations

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Question 1

Standard costing systems may encourage production managers to do which of the
following activities?

  • A. Concentrate on easy orders to maintain high productivity ratios.
  • B. Implement Theory of Constraints.
  • C. Implement lean production systems to reduce cycle times.
  • D. Build finished-goods inventory to net requirements.

Answer : A

Question 2

In an attempt to reduce costs associated with information system transactions, which of the
following approaches should be considered?

  • A. Discontinue backflushing components
  • B. Reducing levels in the bill of material
  • C. Remove the component supermarket
  • D. Reducing lot sizes of manufactured products

Answer : B

Question 3

Which of the following are fundamental building blocks for workforce empowerment and

  • A. Motivation, capability and determination
  • B. Salary, promotions and bonuses
  • C. Accountability, responsibility and teamwork
  • D. Open communication, transparency and trust

Answer : D

Question 4

A reduction in the lead time results from which of the following actions?

  • A. Increase in work-in-process, increase in throughput
  • B. Increase in work-in-process, decrease in throughput
  • C. Decrease in work-in-process, increase in throughput
  • D. Decrease in work-in-process, decrease in throughput

Answer : C

Question 5

Which of the following persons has direct responsibility for the accuracy of production
activity reporting?

  • A. Controller
  • B. Shop supervisor
  • C. Materials manager
  • D. Director of manufacturing

Answer : B

Question 6

What is a role of a manager using a Kaizen circle for problem solving?

  • A. Recomend and implement solutions
  • B. Provide technical or administrative service
  • C. Encourage circle formation and checks progress
  • D. Provide problem-solving training if requested

Answer : C

Question 7

Which of the following methods is used to sequence jobs planned for production within the
same time period?

  • A. Infinite loading
  • B. Finite loading
  • C. Critical ratio
  • D. Part period balancing

Answer : C

Question 8

During the define phase of a six sigma project, which of the following activities takes place?

  • A. Describe and chart the process being considered
  • B. Determine the possible failure modes
  • C. List the proven root causes of the problem
  • D. Determine the scope of the project

Answer : D

Question 9

Manufactured parts are being assembled on a production line at a constant rate when a
faulty component is identified. An assembly worker pushes the line stop button and work
ceases while the defect is reviewed. This action is an example of:

  • A. heijinka.
  • B. andon.
  • C. jidoka.
  • D. kaizen.

Answer : C

Question 10

Which of the following steps should be first in determining operation start dates for capacity

  • A. Input/output control
  • B. Forward or backward scheduling
  • C. Finite or infinite loading
  • D. Order preparation and release

Answer : B

Question 11

The actual output of a work center for a given time period can be determined by evaluating

  • A. number of standard hours in the queue.
  • B. number of standard hours per units produced.
  • C. number of machine hours.
  • D. amount of rated capacity less rework.

Answer : B

Question 12

A manufacturing facility is considering adopting cellular flow. Which of the following factors
is most important to consider?

  • A. Availability of shipping methods
  • B. Maturity of the product line
  • C. Distance to the supplier
  • D. Stability of the production schedule

Answer : D

Question 13

A customer has complained that paint is peeling off a product recently purchased from a
supplier. A team is formed in the supplier plant to solve the problem and follow these steps:

Which of the following methods best describes the problem-solving approach used by the

  • A. Pareto analysis
  • B. Brainstorming
  • C. Five why's
  • D. Fishbone analysis

Answer : D

Question 14

Optimizing a patient intake area for improved work flow is consistent with which 5S

  • A. Sort
  • B. Set in order
  • C. Shine
  • D. Standardize

Answer : B

Question 15

Which of the following outcomes are objectives of statistical process control?

  • A. To reduce product returns
  • B. To stabilize a process
  • C. To verify a DMAIC project
  • D. To identify control limits

Answer : B

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