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Question 1

Quano Inc. decides to produce a 3D-display phone, Chel, which is a much-anticipated
release. Raymond and Jenny are among thousands of buyers who queue up outside a
retail store to buy Chel on the day of its release. Most buyers are disappointed within a
week because of heating issues. Quano announces immediately that it would replace the
defective phones with a rectified model. Raymond and Jenny's replacement phones arrive
after three months. The new Chel has a few issues that are taken care of by a software
upgrade. This prompts a flood of sales. Trevor is one of Quano's regular customers who
buys Chel after the software upgrade. In this scenario, Trevor is one among the _____.

  • A. early adopters
  • B. innovators
  • C. early majority
  • D. late majority
  • E. laggards

Answer : C

Question 2

A consumer goods manufacturer, Ankam, is accused of manufacturing substandard goods.
The complainants claim that the products break down before the expiration of their
warranty but the warranty is void because the parts that malfunction are not covered by the
warranty. Ethan, an independent investigator, is looking into the matter. What should he do

  • A. Check whether the warranty issued by Ankam clearly specifies that certain parts are not covered by the warranty.
  • B. Collect information on all malfunctions and check the list of malfunctioning parts against the warranty to verify if the complaint is true.
  • C. Conduct tests of Ankam's products under various conditions and identify the conditions under which they break down.
  • D. Interview each of the complainants to find out about their use of Ankam's products.
  • E. Advise Ankam on the measures it could adopt until the investigation is complete.

Answer : A

Question 3

The three major phases of the marketing plan are _____.

  • A. planning, implementation, and control
  • B. introduction, growth, and decline
  • C. leading, organizing, and controllling
  • D. recession, depression, and recovery
  • E. segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Answer : A

Question 4

Which of the following is true of a conventional marketing channel?

  • A. It is also known as a vertical marketing system.
  • B. In this system, each member acts in the best interest of the other members.
  • C. In this channel, one member has control over the others.
  • D. In this system, each member strives to satisfy its own objectives.
  • E. It includes contractual, administered, and corporate marketing systems.

Answer : D

Question 5

Torege, a video game developer, releases its new first-person shooter game, The Final
Call. Torege prices the game at $100, while the rest of its products sell for below $40.
Despite this obvious high pricing, hardcore gaming fans of Torege queue up to buy the
game when it is released. Which of the following strategies does this scenario exemplify?

  • A. Price skimming
  • B. Penetration pricing
  • C. Odd pricing
  • D. Predatory pricing
  • E. Vertical price fixing

Answer : A

Question 6

CL Inc. an American fast-food chain enters into an agreement with Mars Corp., a British
firm. According to the terms of the contract, Mars Corp. can use CL's brand name, image,
logo and business format for a specified fee. This type of market entry is known as _____.

  • A. strategic alliance
  • B. franchising
  • C. joint venture
  • D. direct investment
  • E. exporting

Answer : B

Question 7

The major disadvantages of primary data collection are that:

  • A. it can only be accessed through syndicated databases or unstructured data mines.
  • B. it cannot be tailored to meet specific research needs.
  • C. it takes more time to collect than secondary data and is more costly.
  • D. it is too general to meet researcher's and manager's needs.
  • E. all of these are disadvantages of primary research data.

Answer : C

Question 8

Customer relationship management refers to

  • A. the view that organizations should satisfy the needs of consumers in a way that provides for societys well-being.
  • B. the process of identifying prospective buyers, understanding them intimately, and developing favorable long-term perceptions of the organization and its offerings so that buyers will choose them in the marketplace.
  • C. the idea that an organization should (1) strive to satisfy the needs of consumers (2) while also trying to achieve the organizations goals.
  • D. the links an organization has to its individual customers, employees, suppliers, and other partners for their mutual long-term benefit.
  • E. the cluster of benefits that an organization promises customers to satisfy their needs.

Answer : B

Question 9

Which of the following is a feature of a warehouse club?

  • A. A large assortment of food and other products
  • B. High prices and luxury merchandise
  • C. Little to no in-store service and sales expertise
  • D. Deep but narrow assortments and sales associate expertise
  • E. An inconsistent assortment of brand name merchandise sold at a significant discount

Answer : C

Question 10

In Ravonia, the telecom sector is dominated by four major service providers: Flank, Zelno,
Tuhaz, and Klock. The service providers determine call rates and broadband rates using a
collective strategy. They maintain uniform pricing and compete mainly on quality and
service. Flank, Zelno, Tuhaz, and Klock are using a _____ strategy.

  • A. deceptive reference pricing
  • B. bait-and-switch
  • C. horizontal price fixing
  • D. manufacturer ’s suggested retail pricing
  • E. price discrimination

Answer : C

Question 11

Which of the following is a tool used to determine amount of traffic using a site, visiting a
blog or tweeting about it?

  • A. Bounce analysis
  • B. Click paths
  • C. Conversion rates
  • D. Bounce rate
  • E. Hits

Answer : E

Question 12

The management team at Green Meadows Inc. is debating expanding its corporate social
responsibility (CSR) budget for the year. Greg is against the proposal, saying that the
expenditure on CSR activities does not profit the firm in any way. In his opinion, the money
could be better invested in other activities, especially as the market is seeing some
volatility. Paolo, however, says that investing in CSR will benefit the firm's reputation in its
target market in the long run. Which of the following, if true, weakens Greg's argument?

  • A. The firm has an assured customer base for its products as it is the only supplier in the market.
  • B. The country in which Green Meadows operates has recently introduced stricter regulations about the import of raw materials.
  • C. The firm has many competitors who sell similar products at similar prices.
  • D. The firm's B2B division is much larger and more profitable than its B2C division.
  • E. Most of the firm's customers are long-time customers who have been loyal to the firm for many years.

Answer : C

Question 13

Which of the following combinations is used to determine the equity of a brand?

  • A. Brand awareness, perceived value, brand associations, and brand loyalty
  • B. Brand extension, depth, breadth, and product mix
  • C. Co-branding, customer value, and product line
  • D. Brand dilution, marketing strategy, labeling strategy, and branding strategy
  • E. Brand association, packaging, line extension, and associated services

Answer : A

Question 14

BlueGreen Tech is conducting market research to discover potential customers who might
be interested in its products. The company will also survey its existing customers to identify
ways of selling them additional products from its product line. At which stage of the
customer relationship management process is BlueGreen?

  • B. Reacquisition
  • C. Retention
  • D. Conversion
  • E. Prospecting

Answer : E

Question 15

Talyn Cosmetics sells high-end cosmetics that are coveted by women, but are priced out of
the budgets of most average buyers. Talyn wants to enter the Arian market and is
conducting market research to identify the market segment on which it should focus its
strategy. Researchers send out a questionnaire to a vast pool of potential customers in Aria
and analyze the results. Which of the following questions should research analysts focus
on to identify the target segment?

  • A. Would you choose Talyn Cosmetics over other cosmetics brands in the market? Why?
  • B. Would you be interested in buying Talyn Cosmetics? What is the most you would be willing to spend on a brand of cosmetics?
  • C. What is your preferred mode of purchase of cosmetics—retail stores or online?
  • D. List your favorite brands of cosmetics.
  • E. How old were you when you began using cosmetics?

Answer : B

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