VCAC510 VMware CertifiedAssociate–Cloud (VCA-Cloud)

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Question 1

You manager wants to utilize the platform capabilities of a VMware partner application in
order to automate the delivery of network services in your environment. Which extensibility
feature can provide this functionality?

  • A. vCenter Hyperic
  • B. vCenter Server
  • C. vCloud Automation Center Server Catalog
  • D. VMware NSX API

Answer : D

Question 2

You have been asked to install and verify network security for the multiple tenants in your
public cloud. Which of the following will you primarily work with to secure your tenants?

  • A. vCloud Networking and Security
  • B. vSphere Distributed Switch
  • C. vShield Zones
  • D. vCloud Security Server

Answer : A

Reference: and-security-overview.pdf (page 2)z

Question 3

You have installed and configured Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to protect your private
cloud infrastructure. Your manager wants assurances that the plan you have put in place
will actually work. How would you go about testing your Site Recovery Manager setup?

  • A. Tell SRM to initiate an HA failover test.
  • B. Execute a non-disruptive SRM recovery test.
  • C. Tell SRM's to simulate moving your workloads using vCloud Connector.
  • D. Tell SRM to vMotion protected VMs to the recovery site.

Answer : B

Reference: (See non disruptive testing)

Question 4

A potential customer asks you to explain the benefits of using VMware NSX versus another
vendor and product that utilizes physical networking infrastructure.
Which two benefits of implementing VMware NSX would you include in your answer?
(Choose two.)

  • A. No more physical switches
  • B. Reduced network provisioning time
  • C. Non-disruptive server hardware upgrades
  • D. Non-disruptive deployment

Answer : B,D

Question 5

At your company you have several research projects which require separate networks in
your cloud. Although the servers on these networks will require access to the rest of the
company, it is not required that any of the servers deployed on these networks have static
or public IP addresses. Which vCloud Networking and Security feature will allow you to
reuse the same subnet/IP address range on each of these networks without causing any IP
address conflicts or collisions?

  • A. NAT
  • B. Fencing
  • C. Firewall
  • D. VPN

Answer : A

Question 6

Your manager has been wondering why, in a cloud-based virtual environment, you cannot
continue to use the traditional management tools you have been using before you
transitioned to the cloud. How would you explain to your manager why you need to use a
management tool like vCenter Operations Manager?

  • A. All management functions in the cloud must run on a vCenter server as vCenter is where performance data is collected
  • B. Traditional network management software cannot capture virtual network packets for analysis
  • C. Virtual environments use resources differently than pure physical environments
  • D. Management agents written for physical environments will not work in virtual machines

Answer : C

Question 7

You are asked to explain to your company's technical staff the vCloud feature used to
logically group users and resources so that each department can have its own virtual
datacenter. Which of the following are you describing to your staff?

  • A. Organizations
  • B. Clusters
  • C. Folders
  • D. Pods

Answer : A


Question 8

Your development group tells you they are having problems with a specific application, but
only when its running on Ubuntu. It works fine on all other operating systems. Which
product will best address this issue?

  • A. vCloud Connector
  • B. vFabric Hyperic
  • C. vFabric Application Director
  • D. vCenter Server

Answer : B

Question 9

You need to perform performance, capacity and configuration management of your newly
installed cloud. Which of the following products will best help you accomplish this?

  • A. vCloud Director
  • B. vFabric Hyperic
  • C. vCenter Server
  • D. vCenter Operations Manager

Answer : D

Reference: management/features.html

Question 10

You will be deploying a new vCloud vApp which needs storage with specific capabilities. In
the past, this had been accomplished by manually assigning your datastores to a service
level such as "Tier 1," "Tier 2," and so on. Your SAN infrastructure is large and complicated
enough that you do not want to do this manually as it is tedious and error prone. What
technology helps eliminate a lot of the manual work involved in defining tiered storage used
in your cloud?

  • A. Catalogs
  • B. Resource Pools
  • C. VASA
  • D. Storage vMotion

Answer : C

Question 11

Management has decided they want a better understanding of the typical workloads in your
environment and what cost savings might be realized due to underused equipment. Which
of the following components would you use to help determine your normal cloud workload
and how underutilized your current equipment is?

  • A. vFabric Hyperic
  • B. vCloud Connector
  • C. vCenter Operations Manager
  • D. vCloud Director

Answer : C


Question 12

Your management has decided to take advantage of a public cloud infrastructure. You
have selected a VMware public cloud partner and are ready to begin the move.
Which product or component will you use to move all of your vApps to the public cloud?

  • A. vCenter Orchestrator
  • B. vCenter Server
  • C. Site Recovery Manager
  • D. vCloud Connector

Answer : D

Question 13

Management is concerned with the rising costs of running services in your private cloud.
You need to compare your costs to similar offerings from other public cloud providers so
that you can gauge if you are remaining competitive.
Which product is best for this task?

  • A. VMware NSX
  • B. IT Business Management
  • C. vCenter Orchestrator
  • D. vCenter Server

Answer : B

Question 14

You have been tasked with automating the recurring deployment of a multi-tier application
with varying virtual hardware requirements. Which vFabric feature will you use to create a
deployment plan which can be reused?

  • A. Blueprint
  • B. Road Map
  • C. Deployment Guide
  • D. App Template

Answer : A

Reference: pdirector.html (5th bullet)

Question 15

You're concerned a physical host outage will impact running VMs in your cloud
environment. Which of the following vSphere features will help recover from a failed ESXi

  • A. vSphere High Availability
  • B. vMotion
  • C. Storage vMotion
  • D. Distributed Resource Scheduler

Answer : A

Reference: esxi-vcenter-server-51-availability-guide.pdf (page 9, see drs and vmotion integration, last sentence)

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