VCAW510 VMware Certified Associate - Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM)

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Question 1

Which statement reflects an Accessibility challenge that must be addressed for a new
VMware Horizon deployment?

  • A. Our existing storage device is already heavily used; we want to minimize the additional space required for the new VDI system.
  • B. PCs cost so much to buy, maintain, and replace. It would be great to have a simple device that would last for years and require little if any maintenance effort.
  • C. To further protect our data, we need to make sure that even if someone gets an authorized user's credentials, they can't login with them.
  • D. Some users have graphics intensive jobs and need the highest quality and performance possible.

Answer : B

Question 2

A colleague has asked you if vCenter can be used to manage Horizon View virtual
desktops and desktop pools. How should you respond?

  • A. You should never use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops, only View Administrator
  • B. You can use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops, but only if you use the Web Client
  • C. You cannot use vCenter to manage you virtual desktops
  • D. You can use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops if you install the View plugin

Answer : D


Question 3

Which of the following is true of floating desktop pools?

  • A. A virtual desktop in a floating pool can only be accessed by using IE.
  • B. A virtual desktop in a floating pool has dynamic CPU and RAM allocations that can change as the workload changes
  • C. A virtual desktop in a floating pool can be accessed by any single person from a list of approved users
  • D. A virtual desktop in a floating pool can be accessed by multiple users at the same time

Answer : B

Question 4

Which of these end user computing security challenges can be addressed by VMware
Horizon View solutions?

  • A. Archival and encryption of unused user data
  • B. Prevention of phishing attacks against user systems
  • C. Encryption of end user data stored on disk
  • D. Encryption of data transmitted over the network for all users

Answer : D

Question 5

Which vSphere monitoring application provides the most detailed performance data for
Horizon View environments?

  • A. vCenter Advanced performance charts
  • B. vCenter Configuration Manager
  • C. vCenter Orchestrator
  • D. vCenter Operations Manager for View

Answer : D

Reference: horizon-view-1-5-whats-new.html(see better monitoring)

Question 6

You are the VMware administrator for your company. Your manager is concerned about
licensing issues that are plaguing your company. Which technology can help with your
licensing issues?

  • A. Horizon Mirage
  • B. Linked Clones
  • C. Horizon Workspace
  • D. View Administrator

Answer : B

Question 7

Which feature utilizes snapshots to provide recovery for both physical and virtual desktops?

  • A. Horizon View
  • B. vCenter
  • C. vCenter Operations Manager for View
  • D. Horizon Mirage

Answer : D

Reference: see desktop managementdesktop recovery)

Question 8

You are a VMware consultant and one of your clients is concerned about governmental
regulations related to their data security. Which of the following options can help in this

  • A. vCenter Operations Manager for View
  • B. Horizon Workspace
  • C. Horizon Mirage
  • D. vShield Endpoint

Answer : B

Reference: enterprise data security)

Question 9

You are the VMware administrator for your company. A fellow administrator asks you what
role vCenter plays in Horizon View. How will you respond?

  • A. vCenter is used to display client experience data through the performance charts
  • B. vCenter allows you to manage the ESXi hosts themselves, but not the virtual machines
  • C. vCenter interacts with Horizon View to deploy and manage the virtual desktops
  • D. vCenter authenticates the View Composer component to allow for the creation of Linked Clone desktops

Answer : D

Reference: 50/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.view.integration.doc/ ml

Question 10

A colleague asks you how the View Storage Accelerator can improve the functionality of
Horizon View. How should you answer?

  • A. The View Storage Accelerator monitors response times and will read data from whichever datastore is showing the lowest latency
  • B. The View Storage Accelerator acts as a local write cache that will improve the write performance of the virtual desktop
  • C. The View Storage Accelerator is used to store frequently accessed data locally to improve latency
  • D. The View Storage Accelerator allows multiple virtual desktops to share the same datastore without corrupting the data

Answer : B

Reference: 8/cisco_ucs_stroage_accele.pdf

Question 11

Which statement reflects a Security challenge that must be addressed for a new VMware
Horizon deployment?

  • A. We want a simple, easy way to provision virtual desktops, determine who gets to use them, and specify who can check them out for remote access.
  • B. We need a centralized way to store data that is under our company's control, not some cloud-based service that is often used today that would be totally outside our control.
  • C. Some of our sales force do not live anywhere near one of our offices; for them we'd like to issue them a laptop and manage the physical laptop remotely.
  • D. We have a lot of our sales force that only rarely work in the office. We need a way to deploy new applications to them and to keep them updated.

Answer : B

Question 12

A business has some proprietary apps that they would like to provide on a USB key, so
users can access the application when their device is non-operational and they have no
network access. Which VMware Horizon solution meets this business need?

  • A. VMware ThinApp
  • B. Horizon Workspace
  • C. Horizon View Client with Local Mode
  • D. VMware Horizon Mobile

Answer : A

Reference: displayKC&externalId=1017364

Question 13

Your supervisor asks you for a solution that can help reduce the amount of time that it
takes to deploy a new Operating System on your physical and virtual desktops. Which
solution provides a valid option?

  • A. Horizon View
  • B. Horizon Workspace
  • C. Horizon Mirage
  • D. vCenter Operations Manager for View

Answer : C

Reference: 3.html

Question 14

Which two are benefits of using PCoIP as a display protocol? (Choose two.)

  • A. PCoIP allows a single virtual desktop to be shared among multiple users
  • B. PCoIP encrypts all data from the client desktop to the virtual desktop
  • C. PCoIP helps overcome network latency
  • D. PCoIP allows an administrator to shadow end-users

Answer : A,C

Reference: with-dvs-simplified-daas.html

Question 15

Which two are common end user computing application management challenges facing IT
organizations? (Choose two.)

  • A. Deploying application security patches to end user systems
  • B. Providing access to a consistent user environment across multiple devices
  • C. Minimizing hardware lifecycle maintenance and refresh costs
  • D. Enabling users to leverage their own devices to access corporate systems

Answer : A,B

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